Monday, October 29, 2012

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Rejuvenation Session Review

A Day of Sheer Bliss-at Claire Marie Spa

By Mary McClung

I was recently offered the opportunity to enjoy a “rejuvenation session” at Claire Marie Spa in Holmes Beach. NOT an opportunity I was going to turn down! It had been years since I had had a professional massage and other luxuries such as a pedicure, aromatherapy and reflexology were entirely new to me.
Recently opened in Holmes Beach on the beautiful island of Anna Maria, the Claire Marie Spa offers everything from complete bridal services to hair-cuts, facials and massages. Just walking into the spa was enough to begin my journey of relaxation! The decor is soft, relaxing colors and the aromatherapy starts upon entry.
The rejuvenation session includes a combination of spa services and typically lasts about 3 hours. Claire Marie does a lot of work with brides and bridesmaids, getting them ready on the big day but the rejuvenation session would also be a great idea to help nervous brides, mothers of the bride, maids of honor, etc, relax before the big day-or for anyone else needing a few hours of complete relaxation and pampering.
My session with Claire Marie began with a long chat in the cozy room she uses for her consultations, helping me to select which services to include in the session. After a nice chat over tea and a soak for my achy feet in soothing mineral salts, we decided to include a pedicure, gemstone reflexology, a massage and a bang trim in my afternoon of rejuvenation.
We first selected the therapeutic oils that would be used as aromatherapy throughout my spa experience (as well as in the custom-made organic body lotion I would take home with me.) Eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender, sweet orange, tangerine and grapefruit were among the scents I chose. The first treatment of the day was a pedicure which began with a therapeutic (especially for someone like me who works on their feet!) foot bath. The pedicure itself far exceeded my expectations and still looks perfect 2 weeks later. As Claire Marie promised, my feet became “happy feet”.
This was followed by a healing gemstone reflexology massage on my feet. The treatment applies specialized techniques on reflex points to revitalize and stimulate energy pathways and is deeply relaxing to the entire body. Of all my treatments, I will come back for the foot reflexology first!
It is a must if you work on your feet or just want to experience a state if deep relaxation.
Next, I was led into the massage room. I was treated to an amazingly soothing scalp, neck and shoulder massage using the warm, aromatic, pure essential oils made up from the scents I had chosen during my “consultation.” My back, arms and legs were massaged by deft, expert fingers using Claire's organic lotion, also infused with the essential oils. I was soon lulled into a state of bliss. I can honestly say that Claire Marie was able to massage out all the tension I had-not easy as I had just finished 3 long waitressing shifts in a row! My only complaint was that the massage had to-sadly-come to an end.....

The Rejuvenation session costs just $100 for 3 hours of services that you select with Claire Marie. It is a perfect way to relieve stress during your vacation, as a respite from a crazy wedding schedule or just to feel completely renewed. Don't miss Claire Marie Spa during your next trip to Anna Maria. Or, if you are lucky enough to live nearby, schedule a visit today!